Hey you,
time for the break of your life?

Oh yes! Cuckoo is the good mood break app that makes smart habits an easy and fun part of your day. Join thousands of happy Cuckooers!


What is Cuckoo?

Glad you asked! Cuckoo is a gamified wellbeing app that brings joy to your day! It boosts your energy levels and inspires you to take breaks – giving your body a break from sitting and your head a rest from work. Check out this quick video and step into Cuckoo’s world!

Based on hard core facts

Saving hundreds of thousands of euros by implementing break exercise? No, that’s insane!


Well, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health did a study on the use of Cuckoo and the changes this brought with it.


Increased productivity, decreased amount of sick day leave, happier employees… Just a few of the amazing benefits of adding movement and recovery breaks to workdays.

Cuckoo auttaa taklaamaan istumisen haitat

It started with two co-workers and 100 jumping jacks

It all started with two co-workers, an alarm clock and 100 jumping jacks at noon everyday. The joy of movement started to spread like a wildfire among the work community when a growing number of employees joined the breaks.

Today we continue to spread the same spark of joy through the Cuckoo app.

Four categories
for four moods

The Boost category

will get you pumped

up with energy and

high spirits!


The Joy category

will put a smile on

your face with

good energy!


The Relax category

lets you get a breather

and moment

for recovery.


The Focus category

helps you settle your

mind and get into

your focused zone.


Need a shoulder?

There are no silly questions! Our team of committed professionals will help you with any questions you might have, whether it’s major or minor. We would love to hear from you! Is your mind not made up yet? You can try Cuckoo App for free for 14 days. Join our happy bunch!

Love from our happy bunch of Cuckooers

Our work requires ability to concentrate for several hours and that’s why for example the mindfulnessbreaks in Cuckoo have been very good for our employees.”

Kati Sasse

VP of People and Culture, Berggren

Cuckoo is a fun way to add breaks to your days! Employees enjoy the communality of Cuckoo. It’s great way to break the ice in any situation so we’ve used Cuckoo in meetings too!


New employees have also been glad that we value breaks and support it by offering this kind of service.

Elina Koski

HR Manager, Ensto

​​”This whole concept is just awesome! This REALLY WORKS! You really feel motivated to take breaks because you want to collect those points! The adult mind works like a child sometimes… Thank you!”


Cuckoo user

“I started to use Cuckoo a little reluctantly (western nonsense I thought), but this is just brilliant; the breaks are short and compact enough that you can take them as an everyday routine, but still they give you a lot of energy!”


Cuckoo user, Enfo

Kati Sasse

VP of People and Culture, Berggren

Elina Koski

Human Resources Manager, Ensto


Cuckoo user


Cuckoo user, Enfo